The conference scheduling tool was designed to be simple and intuitive. Detailed instructions are provided here.

Access functions from Menu

Once installed, the add-on gives you two new actions that appear in the Add-On Menu.

Set Up Conference Schedule - Allows you to define an outline of your conference for quick setup.

Create Attendee Schedule - Once the schedule is complete, this action creates the participant facing schedule, which can be printed and distributed to participants.

Set up Conference Template

  • Use this action to create a framework for your schedule
  • Select start times, end times meeting length and number of hosts from drop downs.
  • If desired values are not present, choose the closest value and edit the template after schedule creation.

Customize your Schedule

  • Change Host Names in the top row, deleting or adding columns if needed.
  • Change start time times to fit your exact schedule and add rows or delete rows if needed
  • Enter participants into grid, ensuring that names are spelled consistently.

Create Participant Agendas

Once the conference schedule is set up, run the Create Attendee Schedule action from the Add-On menu. A printer friendly version of the schedule organized by attendee will be created for distribution to conference attendees.